15th January 2019 | Theming

“Being for the benefit of Mr Kite”

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Nothing prepares you for a visit at Blachere Illumination Themed Environment Division.It really is an assault on the senses. From the moment that you arrive to the moment you leave.

I was taken straight back to those Beatles Lyrics by Lennon/ McCartney, who waxed lyrically about Mr Kite, and Henry the Horse dancing the waltz. The only thing stopping you was your imagination.

A real gem of a place, the old mill building converted to create a place where magic literally can happen. The place is a real buzz of energy, sculptors, painters, joiners, designers all working together to produce the finest quality theming for Theme Parks, Adventure Parks, Resorts and anyone who wants to create a world of magic, for their kids, the public, in fact, any public space.

Still with me ! Then let me explain.

If ever you have been to Alton Towers, Sundown Adventure Park, even Lego land in Windsor you may have seen lots of Scary Clowns in the Carnival of Screams, Monkey Mayhem Rides, Wild Ostrich Safari Rides, Wallace and Gromit, the list goes on.

The one thing that they all have in common is they were made and installed, by Blachere Illumination Themed Environment Division.This lesser known arm of the famous Illuminations group, is Blachere’s best kept secret, a real find, a bastion to craftsmanship, and a nod to how things are still done with loving care and attention.

It seems completely normal to see Monkeys, Seagulls, Farm Animals, and TRex being made. A few Private commissions include Pirates of the Caribbean beds for him, and a Cinderella Castle bed for her.

As I finish my day, I’m exhausted, my senses are overwhelmed by what goes on here. I climb into bed and start to dream.

“And of course, Henry the Horse, Dances the waltz”