6th March 2019 | 

Blachere commits to recyclable and biodegradable products to help the planet

Blachere’s eco-friendly approach has resulted in the development of the World’s first recyclable and biodegradable 2D motifs. Consisting of a revolutionary BIOPRINT material that is organically sourced, certified as GMO-free and made from sugar cane at a French laboratory.

Why do we need it?

Manufacturing materials that make life easy for us to use, are often durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.These discarded products don’t break down naturally. When we dispose them in a garbage pile, the air, moisture, climate, or soil cannot break them down naturally to be dissolved with the surrounding land.

How does it work?

The new development from Blachere will enable our decorations to biodegrade slowly. They can be installed outdoors for long periods without causing aesthetic or mechanical damage to the environment. This results in minimal greenhouse gases.

Once they are returned to the factory, they are recycled and decompose naturally without polluting or harming the natural environment. They are 100% recyclable.

Blachere’s ticks the boxes for any company’s sustainability programme. It’s a quick win for anyone demonstrating green credentials. This is great news for any business with a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and for the Public Sector”

The world is at a tipping point, as we consider the impact of waste on our planet. Any business regardless of size, should be considering its carbon footprint and sustainability programme. This innovation from Blachere is further proof of our commitment in supporting you. Protecting our planet and safeguarding the future for everyone.