For the past four decades our heritage in providing unrivalled outdoor festive decorations for Towns and Cities continues to thrive across the UK. Our design and production teams work passionately with each of our clients to produce the best considered magical solution. From traditional formats to contemporary art inspired installations, projection mapping and interactive displays, we cover all areas with our dedicated team overseeing all aspects of project management, installation and take down.


An illumination lighting system from Blachere is a large set up of outdoor lighting. It is bespokely created with the intention of decorating a building, structure or strategic centrepiece, such as a tree or other decoration. These are commercial grade lighting systems that use the latest LED technology to create spectacular lighting installations that go beyond the standard night-time illuminations and Christmas lights.


Businesses are in competition with each other all year round. They want to raise their awareness or drive sales and footfall. But, when it comes to special events such as Christmas, for example, businesses need to add that extra something to stand out.

In fact at Christmas time, commercial illumination lighting is important for every business – they’re not just Christmas lights. Illuminations become part of your business image and showcase your attitude to Christmas. They literally highlight the building or surrounding area to draw attention to what you do. But with everyone else investing in lights, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. If done correctly, however, you’ll increase footfall to your business and gain the right kind of attention at a time when spending levels are high.

Blachere’s Illumination Lighting allows you to do exactly that. With a lighting project from us, you’ll not only deliver light, you’ll deliver an atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to produce elegance, magic, or amazement, do it in style with our illumination lighting.

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We use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in our commercial light fittings. These emit light differently to incandescent light bulbs as they do not need a filament. Unlike traditional filament bulbs, LEDs are able to produce their light almost immediately. They’re also capable of directly producing coloured light, depending on the materials used. Traditional light bulbs had much less variety and relied on coloured bulbs to produce coloured light.

LED illumination lighting is ideal for commercial use because it is better for the environment. With their energy saving capabilities, LEDs use 90% less energy than traditional light bulbs. For commercial lighting use, where they are likely to be used for longer periods, LEDs are a cheaper and more energy efficient method of illumination.

Due to the way they produce light, LEDs don’t get hot or burn out. They are also extremely durable, and less vulnerable to faults since there are no movable parts (unlike filament lamps). Some LED bulbs can last up to 25 years, making them a great investment for businesses. And since they are able to function in low temperatures, it makes them perfect for providing comforting and warm light in Christmas decorations and illuminations. The world is rapidly switching to LEDs as it becomes the primary method of lighting. Today, it’s not only for commercial use, but for a wide range of domestic applications such as LED ceiling lights and floor lamps.


Our process for creating bespoke led lighting solutions involves talking with you and understanding your brief fully. We want to capture the passion and ambition that you have for your project, as well as understand the budget and any specific requirements. We’ll then use this to influence the designs and solutions we create.

After carefully studying your brief, we’ll come up with a concept presentation for your approval and then get our team to work on bringing it to life. This involves studying materials, lights and engineering techniques whilst the workshop starts work on building the project in house. You’re welcome to drop by at any time to check on the progress.

Once this is completed by hand and we’ve finished the coding and animation required too, our logistical team will deliver the illumination lighting system to your requested site. We’ll even set up the lighting products for you, take them down when done and store them. With our years of experience, we’ve also had plenty of practise in organising Illumination Switch On Events aimed at drawing in the crowds.

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We’ve worked on projects all across the country, from Harrods in London to the illumination lights in Blackpool and all the way up to Aberdeen, to deliver stunning led lighting projects and we are renowned for delivering the wow factor. If you’re wondering how to transform your space into a magical place, take a look at our case studies below to get a taste for what is possible.

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