Christmas decorations are a great festive tradition in the UK and they can always be found in places where you’d expect to see plenty of people. These could range from the high street and town centres to shopping centres or even large commercial and industrial buildings. They are certainly a common sight when celebrating the season of Good Will, so how do you make sure that you attract all the attention? In the UK, high quality, commercial Christmas decorations and installations have the potential to generate large public interest during the festive period. Blachere will help you achieve this.

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At Blachere, we don’t just make spectacular lighting projects. We believe in using our four decades of unrivalled expertise in illumination and combining this with our passion for creating awe-inspiring decorations. The two can go hand-in-hand much like a Christmas tree and its lights. Whether it’s a commercial grade Christmas tree, a shopping centre grotto or large figures and ornaments, our commercial Christmas decorations are bound to cause a buzz for adults and children alike, anywhere in the UK.

Like any project, our team works passionately with clients across the UK to make dreams become reality. We are able to offer our unrivalled expertise to guarantee the best magical solution possible and we encourage all of our clients to work with us to help tailor the design process. This creates a truly original solution inspired by the client, which is what our customers love about working with us.


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As with our Christmas lighting, commercial Christmas decorations are an excellent means of driving more visitors to town centres and shopping areas during the cold winter months. By making your space different and attractive, you create more opportunities for sales and spending. Visitors appreciate attractive, modern and diverse spaces that provide that all-important excitement in the lead up to Christmas and give people the WOW factor! With our excellent design and production capabilities, Blachere will make you stand out from the crowd.

Our experts are able to create and install jaw-dropping Christmas themed installations, such as Santa’s grottos, castles or winter wonderlands. Our eco-friendly Nordika trees, a great alternative to real Christmas trees, have realistic tree branches and wood-effect trunks which look spectacular covered in lights, baubles and other decorative features.

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Blachere does more than just provide commercial Christmas decorations. Our method involves a fully researched concept, working with you to create an on-trend design and bespoke service whilst adhering to any financial, aesthetic or environmental limitations you may have. We believe an innovative tailored service is the best way to provide a unique, delightful experience for your visitors whilst meeting your expectations. From the initial creative spark through to production and project management, we turn wonderful ideas into magical landscapes.

In addition to high quality decorations, our service includes hassle-free installation and disassembly by our installation team and our 24/7 telephone support line is available throughout the process to answer any of your questions.

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Once the decorations are disassembled, our team aims to recycle the decorations, where possible. We are committed to an eco-friendly, sustainable approach and all of our 2D decorations are now made from revolutionary biodegradable material that is organically sourced. Our commercial Christmas decorations can still be installed outdoors for long periods of time, without aesthetic or mechanical damage as the material degrades very slowly. The added benefit is that the slow degrading also minimises the greenhouse gases produced.


Blachere helps you bring the people of the UK together to delight in the magic of Christmas. Working closely with our talented teams, your vision will be brought to life with a bespoke design solution for your every need. Take a look at some of our UK projects below, or get in touch today