17th July 2018 | Installations

Jurassic Park

Did we say, Jurassic Park? We mean Paulton’s Park!

Although, rumour has it – if you do visit Paulton’s today, you might just be in for a mammoth surprise.

We have been working alongside Paulton’s to create a prehistoric animated costume; a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fabricated by hand, we built, sculpted, painted and installed high-tech cameras and screens to allow a person to easily operate the giant creature.

Draped over an aluminium framework of Silicone, or ‘dinosaur skin’, was intricately crafted to achieve an ultra-realistic textured aesthetic. Paired with Special Effects paint and a talented team of in-house artists, we created a huge, mobile dinosaur – complete with sound effects and even eyes that blink – that will be roaming around the plains of Paulton’s Park for the foreseeable future.

We loved this project and are sad to see our Rex go! But we look forward to visiting him in his new home very soon!

We know he is in safe hands, but the question is….are the Visitors of Paulton’s safe with Rex on the loose?!