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19th September 2019 | Competitions

Competition Winner for Town Centre Lights 2019

For PRESCOT Christmas has come early after being named the winner of the Blachere Illuminations national competition to for £10,000 of festive lights. The…

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12th April 2019 | Competitions

Music and Lights Competition 2019

Entering the competition couldn’t be easier this year. Using only a mobile phone sell your town, city, high street, shopping centre or community. Applicants…

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1st April 2019 | Uncategorised

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is the real time display of interactions of superimposed audio, video, graphics and other advanced effects over the real-world environment. Imagine the…

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6th March 2019 | 

Blachere commits to recyclable and biodegradable products to help the planet

Blachere’s eco-friendly approach has resulted in the development of the World’s first recyclable and biodegradable 2D motifs. Consisting of a revolutionary BIOPRINT material that…

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6th February 2019 | Installations

“A pint? Why, that’s very nearly an armful!”

Mused Tony Hancock, the doleful character battered and bruised by life. He was brought up in Bournemouth where his father John Hancock, ran the…

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15th January 2019 | Theming

“Being for the benefit of Mr Kite”

Theming Blog Nothing prepares you for a visit at Blachere Illumination Themed Environment Division.It really is an assault on the senses. From the moment…

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