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Our Gift to You

Free Download of original Christmas song by M. Hunt Williams.

Of all the Duelling Piano Bars in all the world……..

A few years ago, we were visiting my “Uncle Walt” in Orlando Florida. One night we headed down to Disney’s Boardwalk area to get something to eat. After a good meal we strolled the Boardwalk and came upon a Bar called Jellyrolls which was advertising Duelling Pianos. Having been to Disney quite a few times we had seen this place but never ventured in. So, we thought what the heck and in we went. The Pinot Grigio was not great but the talent on stage was. Two guys two pianos… (obvious now!). Human juke boxes. The format was simple, write the name of a song on a napkin (provided) put it on one of the pianos, tip optional, but the bigger the tip the quicker you get to the front of the queue.

My Daughter had been working on a dance routine for a show she was in to Could it be Magic by Barry Manilow. So, I wrote it on the napkin with $20.00 and waited for it to come around. I didn’t have to wait long before one of the guys said “Whoever asked for Could it be Magic, I’m sorry we don’t know it.” I was quite surprised at this as it is a classic piano piece. I expressed my disappointment and Michael (the Piano player) turned to the audience and asked “is he angry, he sounds angry”. They when on to play another song. Once it was finished they went off for a break and another two took over. These guys were good too.

An hour passed very quickly and the original two came back on. “I hope that angry Scotsman is still here, because I have learned Could it be magic in my break” Yes he had, and was fabulous. We are lucky enough to get to Orlando often, it’s our favourite place to vacation.

We always drop in to Jellyrolls making sure Michael is playing. Yes, he always plays Could it be Magic. Now, Michael is more that a piano play he also writes his own material. I like to think he wrote this song for all of us at Blachere. After all it is a Christmas song.

Please download for free a special gift from M Hunt Williams.

M. Hunt Williams Piano player
Ronnie Brown, M Hunt Williams, Debbie Barnes

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