17th July 2018 | Company info

Photo Opportunities

Photo – Opportunities

We pride ourselves in the creation of bespoke Themed Photo-Opportunities.
A very popular feature that has been introduced into a number of visitor attractions, shopping malls and other areas.
They are ideal for marketing, Social Media and Interaction with the Public.
A very cost-effective way to increase footfall, dwell time and excellent fun for the family, Photo-Ops have become increasingly popular with Shopping Centres and Towns and have been added to existing schemes and Grottos to strengthen and modernise their aesthetic.
Photo Opportunities have proved to be a great way to get customers and public alike interacting and having fun, whiles also helping the course of marketing, brand, or visitor attraction in the areas of media or marketing.

Photo-Op installations can come in any shape and theme to suit any occasion. For instance, a Valentines Heart, an Easter Bunny, a Summer Beach Ball, a Halloween Pumpkin, or Christmas Snowman. With sizes ranging from 1m up to a towering 3m, we can design a fun interactive experience for all the family.
We can provide a stand-alone themed unit, provide themed backdrops to complement the Photo-Op, or create a complimentary themed environment to house the Photo-Op.

All of our Photo Opportunities are designed and produced In-House, from the initial concept, through to the Final Product. Our work has been influenced through working closely with our Client request, or through our own acknowledgement of market, trends and seasonal events.

Our qualified and highly trained team ensures that all of our work is created to the highest standard, making sure no detail is missed.
All Photo-Op features pass statutory health and safety standards, they are weighted on a heavy flattened base unit, and therefore do not require any supervision resource.
Photo-Ops can be made small enough for a small child to accommodate, or large enough for a whole family to interact with.
The Character of each unit can be designed to your specific needs or can be produced to drive a licensed property brand promotion or be placed simply as an art installation.

beach ball photo op