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Social Media & Marketing – How can they help you?

The designs making your life easier!

Terms like ‘Social Media’, ‘Marketing’ and ‘Engagement’ are all frequently mentioned in today’s language – but how can utilising these help you?

Social Media:
According to Ofcom, in 2015, two-thirds of people owned a smartphone, using it for nearly two hours every day to browse the internet, access social media and shop online. It is predicted to rise to 70% by 2020. With Social Media acting as such a powerful force, we are able to influence what is shared online by creating tailored environments, perfect for families, ultimately encouraging online ‘sharing’, acting as free marketing for our clients.

We are conscious of the ever-moving times and know that when we are designing each themed environment, we are not only creating beautiful scenes and landscapes but also a perfect marketing opportunity, inviting and attracting the public; increasing dwell-time and footfall simultaneously. Are you more likely to visit somewhere which has been recommended by a friend, or that you see in an advertisement?

Our photo-opportunities offer the perfect addition to any environment, whether a stand-alone element or part of a scheme, we have included all types of Photo-Opportunities in our projects over the years, more so now than ever before. For White Rose in Leeds, we designed a beautiful illuminated scene, with licensed Disney characters and a giant tree, which was shared on social media and online thousands of times. When White Rose Centre shared an image of the scene on their Facebook page, it gained extraordinary engagement with the public, with over 900 ‘likes’ and 600 comments, encouraging families to share their pictures with the scene, sharing their excitement to visit the Centre again.

Fitzrovia, London also requested an interactive element for their scheme. With a different demographic and target audience to reach, we designed a giant, illuminated bauble; as an elegant, luxurious addition to the existing environment. The bauble attracted crowds before even illuminated, eventually being viewed online over 30,000 times.

We have a variety of photo-ops available from small Christmas Puddings to the huge walkthrough, illuminated baubles that can be found in Fitzrovia. Contact us now to find out more and see how we can transform your event!

fitzrovia bauble illuminated
beach ball photo op
halloween photo opportunity

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